ATL resident Lil Durk links up with Atlanta’s own Future and Jeezy on Durk’s new single, “Goofy.” The new track features a Southside-produced instrumental and plenty of the sorts of unrepentant boasting we’ve all come to expect from the three rappers. Coming in over an instrumental with retro arcade game synths, Future handles the hook duties for the track. “Only the family involved, I don’t fuck with none of these Goofy Goofies/I don’t fuck with none of you Goofy, Goofies,” Future spits in the hook. If you didn’t get this from the artwork, the Goofy they’re referencing is Disney’s iconic dog-like cartoon. For their part, Durk and Jeezy hit the track with plenty of bars about flossing and running the streets. Listen to the new track below.