The Atlanta artist “Money Man” is older than most of his contemporaries, but his music hits a certain vein that’s been connecting with a lot of people lately, and he’s seen songs like How It Feel”  and “Boss Up” get popular in the last year. His last project, “Black Circle Friday,” was released last November.

Producers on the tape include Trauma Tone, Doughboy Beatz, Yung Lan and more. Peep the tracklist below.

Money Man’s Secret Society Tracklist

1. “Secret Society”
2. “From the Jump”
3. “All Over You”
4. “Lie to Me”
5. “Negativity”
6. “Definition”
7. “Conceited”
8. “Put in Work”
9. “Sometimes”
10. “Drowning”
11. “Aye Now”
12. “Boston George”
13. “Hydroponics”
14. “Whatchamacallit” Feat. Rockstar Rodie
15. “Taken Off”

Click on the link below to listen to new mixtape from Money man.