It looks like Black Youngsta has an upcoming tribute to Tupac on the way, but he’s receiving quite the criticism for its music video that he shot for it Monday night. Taking to his IG account, the Memphis rapper shared a pic of him tied up to a cross with the crown of thorns on his head, leaving the caption “Hail Mary come with me R.I.P Tupac #HeavyCamp.” The pic instantly received backlash for its Jesus comparison, with even ATL rapper Ralo going hard at Youngsta in the process.

Ralo says his beef is about not steering the Black community in the wrong direction, which is a point he tries to make in his last Instagram post about the subject.
“You actually telling me that the black community that fucked that yawl think that shit ok to do??? Nawl fuck you an that lame as nigga to. Ima stand for what I believe in, I ain’t falling for that sucker shit. I’ll die for this shit nigga Allah the greatest. We ain’t wit that ole hoe as shit. Yawl niggas dick riding that much huh… The only way we gone make ah difference is if we be different black men… Please don’t allow the money an fame lead you in that direction… #TEAMRALO,” Ralo writes in his last Instagram post directed at Blac Youngsta.

Check out the controversial photo and Instagram posts below.