As all of us know, Dr. Dre doesn’t do too much rapping these days, so anytime he drops some new heat, it’s always worth giving it a listen. Recently, he did just that with this new track “Gunfiyah.”

“Who got a hit just like this? And got heart and rich like this?/Never failed, 20 years and he still got grip like this/And got kids with a super hot bitch like this/You spending time tryna get like this,” Dre raps in the second half of his first verse on the track.

The track technically premiered on Dr. Dre’s Beats 1 radio station, The Pharmacy a little while back. It features a fast-paced beat and Dre, who might be producing Eminem’s newest album, also delivers some equally rapid-fire rapping as well, flexing on his competition the whole way through.

Listen to the new song below.