Vanessa Satten the editor-in-chief of XXL stops by the The Breakfast Club to talk about how they picked the XXL Freshman Class of 2017.

“Nobody turned it down,” she says before admitting, “Young M.A said that she was beyond it. She felt like she should be on a solo cover by now,” which the Editor-In-Chief didn’t necessarily agree with. She discusses a few other artists that were in consideration at points like Cardi B and YFN Lucci, who apparently wasn’t willing to play music for the team until days before the shoot, when it happened to be late.

“Once you show that you’re really not so into it and your aspirations are somewhere else. We say okay. We’ll move on.”

Satten also details the fact that they start forming the list in January and do the shoot in April, so there are some complications with being perfectly timely. “Someone could make a false move today, that could destroy their career tomorrow, what if they were Freshman? We didn’t see that coming.”

Check out the interview below: