It all started when Offset put a video on SnapChat saying, “All y’all niggas wearing upside down crosses, these are my little partners man…stop that shit boy, you look lame. All that worship the devil shit. Get with God, man.”

But Lil Uzi Vert seems unbothered by the video saying ” He’s the coolest clam in the sea” but on the other hand another rapper did take offense to the video. SahBabii’s not too happy with Migos after Offset appeared to criticize his upside down crosses. He made that much clear in a few now-deleted Instagram posts.

SahBabii responded with a screenshot from the SnapChat video Offset made and wrote, “Nigga You Look Lame Fuck You Talm Boud My Cross Gon Stay Upside Down Y’all Niggas Donate $1,000 to Washington But Will Throw $10,000 in a Club I Will Beat Yo Ass.”

He continued in another Instagram post, writing, “Show These Niggas Respect Now Fuck Migos!! We Ain’t Going For No Disrespect Nobody Asked This Lame Ass Nigga Opinion.” That image included sees Migos holding up a check they’re donating to Booker T. Washington High School.

Are ya’ll feeling this upside down cross trend? Let us know what ya’ll think and watch the videos below.