On May 16th 2017 Blac Youngsta turned himself in for being a suspect of the shooting against Young Dolph back in February, but shortly after bailed out and had some stuff to get of his chest. Youngsta didn’t waste no time in releasing a diss track for fellow Memphis rapper Young Dolph. In the song Blac Youngsta claims that Dolph set up the whole incident back in february to incriminate him. Here are some of the lyrics: “How you gonna go and shoot your own truck up and play dead for the night/And then press charges on me and tell the police I did that shit, Now the feds say that I’m a menace/This for all you niggas innocence/I’m innocent […] If Dolph show up in court, man these bitches gon’ sentence me/On my paperwork they got this nigga name in all the sentences.”

Listen to the full song below: