Like Dr. Dre and The Hit Squad before him, Mannie Fresh was the architect that helped shape the sound that would forever be stamped in Hip Hop history. While No Limit beatsmiths, Beats By The Pound established New Orleans as a commercial force in Hip Hop, Mannie solidified the spot and slingshotted Cash Money Records onto the Billboard Charts with both his tracks and his A&R moves.

After financial issues between him and his Big Tymerz cohort Birdman, Mannie left the label that he helped build. Then the DJ/producer went through a personal tragedy with the death of his sister and almost quit making music for good. But like many greats before him, he couldn’t leave rap alone, the game needed him! In 2017 Mannie and Baby reconciled and he’s even working with Lil Wayne and trying to be the glue that brings the original Cash Money all-star team back together again.

In part one of HipHopDX’s two-part exclusive interview with Mannie Fresh the legendary hit maker opens up about reconciling with Birdman, patching things up between the Cash Money CEO and Lil Wayne and bringing back the Ruff Ryders/Cash Money Tour twenty years after it swept the nation.